• Mae Taeng Valley

    After the extensive visit to Wat Ban Den in Mae Taeng district of Chiang Mai, I would have gone back to the city if I was alone on this day trip. However, a local friend decided to come with me and show me some hidden spots in the area. Not really hidden, since there are plenty of tourists, 5-Star Resorts and restaurants up here, but I would not have been aware how to get there. Mae Taeng valley is a beautiful, almost serene place to visit and enjoying nature of northern Chiang Mai province. Even great lunch at Sang Wan Sri Restaurant by the river was a pleasure, despite the…

  • Temple superlative

    Friends recommended to take a drive north from Chiang Mai to Mae Taeng to see a huge temple and actually a collection of temple buildings in it’s grandest state! Often people call this place Wat Mae Taeng, but it is actually called Wat Ban Den. And grand it is! It is the ultimative temple superlative in size, colours and presentation. Not your temple for prayers and ceremonies and not your temple for contemplation or quietness! There are A LOT of people here at this temple, mostly thai’s but also tourists. We came at a good time and had several areas of the huge temple grounds to ourselves to explore. It…

  • A Doi Suthep Sunset

    Well, there actually isn’t a sunset visible from Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, but several people we met on the way up to the temple in the evening expected to see the sunset from here. It is not possible due to the location and the mountain and it’s trees. But spending the sunset up here in the temple is a very special moment. The light is awesome, as is the atmosphere! Most tourists will have gone, and the entrance staff will not let people go up to the temple after 6pm. So, when the sun sets it is mostly for people who want to attend the evening chanting in the…

  • A quiet oasis in Chiang Mai

    Can that be? A quiet oasis in Chiang Mai? Well, not in the city and most likely not anywhere outside the city either, but I got lucky and was visiting the right place at the right time, almost without any visitors. However, it is already heavily covered in TripAdvisor and other travel sites, so I was just lucky! But I did run across some tourists from the U.S.A. who ignored all the posted signs at the entrance and entered without being properly dressed. Actually less clothes would have been naked and that is NOT acceptable!

  • A full moon in Chiang Mai

    One of my favourite times to be in Thailand, or in Chiang Mai, is during the full moon. A very special time is the full moon in November when the Loy Krathong festival is happening, here in Chiang Mai coinciding with the local Yee Peng festival. I have my own favourite temples and rituals during this time of the year, which I won’t make public here, to preserve it for my local friends and those who want to dig deeper into the Thai culture! For the usual visitor, be it Asian or western tourists, the festival mainly consists of launching sky laterns into the air and floating small krathongs in…

  • Chiang Mai Yee Peng Parade

    My fourth time to go to Chiang Mai for the annual Loy Krathong Festival, or as it is here called Yee Peng Festival. It used to be a real secret to come here and enjoy a few days of festivities but with online marketing and social media the word was out and it is now a mass-tourism event, sadly. A friend visited Laos during the same periond and told me that literally „everyone“ planned to go from Laos to attend the Loy Krathong festival in Chiang Mai. The parade is one of the key events during the three day festival and the last time I attended was in 2016, just…

  • Doi Inthanon revisited

    It’s been a while! We have been up on Doi Inthanon, the highest mountain of Thailand, several times. Mostly in really cold weather, where we even had to buy a jacket or a warm hat. Sometime we could not see anything due to the fog or the clouds. During this past trip the weather was perfect! Warm and sunny and almost weather for short sleeves! Luckily the traffic during the week was not too bad. Paying the ever increasing entrance fees for foreigners at the bottom of the mountain, we had a real nice visit with plenty of photo opportunities at the waterfalls and on top of the mountain. To…


    Totally unexpected did we come across „Awakening Bangkok“, a festival of lights organized by TimeOut Bangkok. Light installations were exhibited in the old part of Bangkok along Charoenkrung’s heritage area, next to the Chao Praya river. So, we grabbed a map for the festival and visited all 29 locations where light installations were shown. Impressive! An unexpected for Bangkok!

  • On top of Bangkok!

    What a lucky day! I decided to take my chances to visit the new Mahanakhon Building in Bangkok and was there on the public opening day of the new observatory and rooftop.

  • The glittering world of Bangkok’s shopping temples

    A new mall in Bangkok? How can that be? There is so many already! Yet, I had to see it on my last trip to Thailand. I was just missing the grand opening by a few days, but most of my local friends had not yet been there themselves. Despite all the glitter and shiny floors, I was positively surprised and spent a few hours in the new shopping temple, before the masses pushed in and it was almost impossible to walk through them.