A long drive in Northern Thailand

It’s been a first time for me! Driving myself in Thailand. I have been driven around many times and I have been scared shitless even more times, seeing how some drivers in Thailand drive. However, after testing driving for a week in Chiang Mai and around, I decided to take the risk and undertake the long drive from Chiang Mai, through the provinces and mountains of Lamphun, Lampang and Sukhothai by myself. Basically following a route I choose along Highways 11, 1, 1048, 1327, 1056 and finally 1113. The drive itself was rather relaxing with a few stops at coffee shops and gas stations along the way. I purposeley wanted to go along this route to go through the scenic mountains but there were almost no possible stops for photos. Just before reaching my destination of the Sukhothai Historical Park, I visited one of my favourite temples in the small town of Thung Saliam before heading down highway 1113 which seemed like a never ending construction and mud zone! A surprisingly positive experience, despite 5 police stops along the way.


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