Fort Canning Walk

Another green spot in Singapore is Fort Canning which is right in the middle of the city and easy to reach for a few hours walk. But it is actually a rather sweaty walk! I was fortunate enough to meet up with a leading individual, responsible for the recent improvements at Fort Canning and the surrounding area. So, I did get a first hand guided tour! I was delighted to see that Singapore not only builds new streets but also doesn’t shy away from converting an existing street back into a park-like environment. Armenian Street is such an example where there is no more traffic flowing but it has instead been converted back into a pedestrian zone with plants and trees. It was actually Singapore’s first botanic garden a long time ago. Walking up the hill from there was another street which was converted back into a natural environment, leading to Farquhar Garden, all being filled with plants and trees. The top of the hill was all beafed up for the official opening of Fort Canning Gardens on the following day of my visit and the Bicentennial Experience from June to September 2019. More improvements to the park had been done on the other side at the Five Kings Walk and the Jubilee Park. A great experience which is just a short distance from the hotels in the city.