Jewel at Changi

Did I mention that I love Changi Airport? Well, I usually hate airports and try to spend as little time there as possible. But with Singapore’s Changi it is a completely different thing! I did actually take out a half day to just visit Changi Airport during my last trip. Unbelievable!! The latest addition to Changi’s Airport, the Jewel, is a world for itself! It’s an entertainment center with some of the best shopping and dining experiences worldwide. Cheaper to reach than most other airports, by either taxi or mass transport. FREE of charge!!! Entertaining and with food and drink prices far below those of, lets say, Munich. In Munich I can get some plain water and a sandwich for the same price for which I can actually sit down and dine in Changi. Changi is seriously the only airport in the world where I think the experience is better outside the business lounge than inside!

Like my friend from Singapore said „we are not just building an airport. We are building an entertainment centre where you can also land planes“