Loy Krathong Festival Day 2

Loy Krathong Day is the day of the full moon and traditionally the day of the celebrating the festival in a ceremonial way. So, going to a temple for prayers and chanting and setting your personal krathong (floating device) into the river with prayers and good thoughts and wishes. I have my preferred temple to go to for an evening prayer and this year it was a very beautiful ceremony with chanting, praying and a short meditation with the monks. Unfortunately we have to go through all the trouble with the party tourists who are not really interested in any traditional way of celebrating Loy Krathong, so on the way down to the river and of course on the way back from floating our personal krathong, we had to face all the party people along the river and the bridges in Chiang Mai. Despite the governments efforts to limit the number and lift off times of hot air floating lanterns, it seems to be the only thing tourists are interested in. It also causes a huge interuption in air traffic and every year it also causes fires in and around Chiang Mai. Though it does look nice to watch it.