Phitsanulok city

Not much to say about Phitsanulok! There is not too much to do here unless you love some of the best temples in the Kingdom or you want to use the city as a base for trips around Northern Thailand.

As for me, I like the quietness of the city, which is a mix of old Thailand and a bit of modern Thailand. And of course I have a handful of temples to worship and visit every time I come the city.

Unfortunately many of the beautiful house boats along the river are gone now. I have always enjoyed viewing them and I enjoyed having dinner in some of the floating restaurants or in the restaurants along the night market at the river. During my last visit both were empty or gone, sadly. I had dinner on the west side of the river in a street restaurant, which was very good. Nothing special, but good!

Walking along the river on both sides to visit some of my favourite temples was great, despite the heat and humitity. And people were so friendly. I met mostly smiling people who said hello to a stranger, which felt great after having visited unfriendly Sukhothai province. So I enjoyed a few days in temples, coffee shops and restaurants in beautiful Phitsanulok city.