Si Satchanalai Historical Park

My third time at this quiet place north of Sukhothai. On our first trip we took a taxi from Old Sukhothai for the day, but the taxi driver kept drinking while we visited temples and he was so drunk on the way back that he fell asleep while driving! Hence I decided to drive myself and spend a whole day at the park. Sadly the spell with unfriendly people in Sukhothai province continued with the staff at the entrance booth, but luckily they were the only people to interact with during the entire visit.

Si Satchanalai Historical Park also improved over the years and there are now toilets, food stalls and also electric buses available for visitors. However, I still believe that the best way to see and explore the temples is by walking. I picked a handful of temples which I liked during my first two visits and enjoyed seeing them in detail without mass tourism or by being bothered by any vendors.