Sukhothai Garden Hotel

What a big disappointment! I have never been so disappointed with a hotel in years of travelling through Thailand! Especially after two really nice trips to Sukhothai before, I was looking forward to stay at this hotel with so many positive ratings in my bookings app! The rooms looked perfect, the comments were perfect and the price was competitive! After arriving in Old Sukhothai, not far from the Sukhothai Historical Park, I arrived at the Sukhothai Garden Hotel and checked into my room. I was given room # 102, which was in the old wooden building above the office and which looked NOTHING like the rooms covered in the online reservation system. Dark wood, at first sight attractive, turned out to be the noisiest thing I have ever had. You could hear everything from the neighbors and from the office downstairs. But the worst thing was really that were was no glass in the windows, just wooden shutters. If you opened those, the light came in, but also the heat from outside. And the noise from the garden, the office and everyone walking into the hotel was right at my bed! It was a spacious room though, with plenty of amenities for the bathroom. But the bathroom itself leaked at every possible point. Flushing the toilet leaked. Showering leaked at two points of the electric water boiler and I was afraid to be fried to death! Breakfast was nice and sufficient, even with free water and tea throughout the day. Even free bikes for rent were available. But the hotel staff was just so unfriendly that I was afraid to even ask a question, from check-in to check-out! I have no idea how all the positive ratings online came into existence. I found this hotel so far from my expectations that I actually checked out a day early, despite the fact that I had fully paid for my 3 night stay. Even then, the staff at the reception did not ask why I was leaving early. Now, there are three rooms in the old wooden building and many more in a side building which seemed to be the new building and those might have represented the photos online. However, too late now. Too much damage done to my expectations! I booked a different hotel while I was there and checked out!

Street leading to the hotel
Sukhothai Garden Hotel
Breakfast area
Free rental bikes
Wooden building above the lobby
Spacious room at first sight
A/C is blowing right onto the bed
A wooden shutter for the window with no glass windows
Light needed even during the daytime.
Toilet hose was leaking at all times flooding the floor
Water was spraying at two ends of the pipes when showering

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