• ICON Siam at night

    ICON Siam is the new place everyone goes to in Bangkok. We covered the shopping mall a while back when we first visited it. This time we went back for the light show at night, which runs several times over the evening and is actually called „The ICONIC multimedia water features“. The place gets really really busy then. Not just for the light show but also because all the river cruise boats are landing at this spot and people wait for their dinner departure. The water fountain light and sound show was quite nice to watch, specially with the skyline of Bangkok in the background. It’s also nice that they…

  • The glittering world of Bangkok’s shopping temples

    A new mall in Bangkok? How can that be? There is so many already! Yet, I had to see it on my last trip to Thailand. I was just missing the grand opening by a few days, but most of my local friends had not yet been there themselves. Despite all the glitter and shiny floors, I was positively surprised and spent a few hours in the new shopping temple, before the masses pushed in and it was almost impossible to walk through them.