The changing face of Singapore

It’s been exactly 10 years that I have regularly travelled to Singapore. I love the city! I love going back to the places I know and enjoy in Singapore, yet the city never stops to amaze me with new things. The big ones like Marina Bay Sands (which was not even completed during my first visit) or the latest attraction – The Jewel at Changi Airport are all WOW moments! But everytime I walk through the city I am also amazed at the speed with which Singapore’s face changes. New highrises, new parks, new attractions, new rules, new behavioural patterns, almost everytime I turn around. So, walking Singapore is one of my favourite things to discover new things!

WOW! In Singapore’s main shopping mile, Orchard Road – this IS a change!!
Yes, a big change too. Everywhere are e-scooters now – on sidewalks. In every direction, across red traffic lights, in the wong direction. Not really a change I liked!
An empty field in front of a temple! Probably soon a thing of the past! Sadly.