Temples…temples…temples! And while most tourists actually think „another temple?“, I myself can never get enough!  On this trip I placed my hotel strategically close to the temples, so I can do walks up and down the streets of Luang Prabang at various times of the day. It was also rainy season, so I never really wanted to get too far from my hotel, depending on where the next shower would show up on the weather radar screen.  Having been in Luang Prabang a few times and for many days, I kept my walks pretty much open end and just strolled into a temple that looked inviting along the way.

Due to the high water level of the Mekong river I did refrain from taking a boat across to Chom Phet and the wonderful forest temples on the other side. I also did not re-visit any of the temples on the other side of the Nam Khan river on this trip, but focussed only on the temples in the heart of the old city and those around and south of Phou Si Mountain.

To my surprise, I had most temples completely to myself. Except for monks, of course. But no tourists really. It was too hot, too humid and too much off-season, I guess! Even the famous and usually totally overrun Wat Xieng Thong was completely empty!

The following photos are just a selection of my walks on the first day or two, capturing images from various sides of the temples along the main Sisavangvong Road and Sakarine Road.



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