Walking Sukhumvit Road

Yet another trip to Bangkok! I love and hate this city. It is always good for a 3 to 10 day trip in my opinion, but I can never stay longer. It is always good for a long enough stay to find out new things (yes, I still find new things) and see what has changed. Bangkok is changing so fast that I can hardly keep track of all the new buildings going up and new skytrain and subway lines being opened. One of the things I like doing is a walk along Sukhumvit Road, which turns into Ploenchit Road west of the Express Way. So, basically walking from Terminal 21 Shopping Mall until MBK Shopping Mall. I have stayed in the area most of my early Bangkok visits and it’s always interesting to see the changes going on, or finding old places which are still around. The shopping malls along the way are a nice way to cool off in the heat of the day! While we had to cross all the roads on the street level years ago, there is now a nice elevated walking path above the street level throughout most of the way, which gives you comfort and shade.